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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Refrigerant USA specialize in?

Refrigerant USA specializes in providing top-notch refrigerants at affordable rates. We prioritize ethical business practices and excellent customer service. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Is there any free shipping available?

Yes, it is there. If you order before 2 pm EST, then you qualify for free same-day shipping via FedEx.

What refrigerant products does Refrigerant USA offer?

Refrigerant USA offers various refrigerant products such as R410A Refrigerant, R404A Refrigerant, R407C Refrigerant, and R22 Refrigerant. These are available in different sizes.

Can I retrofit my current system to use eco-friendly refrigerants?

Retrofitting is feasible in certain instances, but it’s a complex process requiring the expertise of a qualified technician. Consult with a professional for guidance.

How can I switch to R410A refrigerant and what are the benefits?

Switching to R410A is easy. Consult our HVAC Experts to evaluate your current system’s compatibility. Upgrading may be an option for enhanced energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Learn more about the benefits by contacting us.

Is R410A refrigerant banned, and what is its critical temperature?

The status of R410A varies by region. R410A has a critical temperature of approximately 72.7°C (162.9°F), making it suitable for high-temperature applications. Contact us to know more.

How does Refrigerant USA provide safe and legal shipping?

We adhere to all legal regulations when shipping refrigerants. Our shipments comply with federal, state, and local laws that govern hazardous materials transportation. Please contact us for any questions.

How does R404A refrigerant contribute to sustainability?

R404A refrigerant is known for its energy efficiency, affordability, and limited environmental impact. It is particularly beneficial for applications like medical refrigeration and food storage.

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